The company KHADRA sole agent and approved for supply of all appliances and electrical for the company BOSCH German all Libyan territory since 2005, and that the company specializes in supplying and processing all the requirements of administrative buildings, hospitals, shops, galleries and other facilities.

Opened its first showroom in Benghazi area Alfoahat the highest degrees of sophistication in 2006.

In 2007, opened a showroom and service center customers Benghazi area

Alberka, then in 2008 a showroom in Tripoli area Gurgi,

and there are more than fifty gallery and distributor of products BOSCH all around Libya.

About Bosch German..

Started Bosch German practice of commercial activities in 1896 under the management of Robert Bosch, the founder of the company, in 1933 was the first production of a large refrigerators of its kind, in 1958 was the first production of a large washing machine and dishwasher, and in 1967 the Union of giants Bosch and Siemens to configure Company B \ S \ H is Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances  and join the other giant companies such as English Neff company Spanish Ufesa company and several other companies. To be so in the first place at the level of Europe and the world's fourth in its activity and that the equivalent of 7 billion euros and more than a hundred group of companies and more than 40 factory around the world and more than 35,000 employees.

Company contributes significantly always to protect the environment and that do not use any of the gases CFC and HFC in refrigerators are harmful gases ozone layer, in addition to non-use of any material in a glass coating refrigerators, reducing the proportion of material dissolved to 33% in washing machines, recycling rate of 93% of old products, "Bin", reduce energy use by 43% in refrigerators for the development of gas compressors and insulators, reducing water use by 54%, energy by 23% in washing machines, reducing water use by 35%, energy by 30% in dishwashers, reduce the consumption of energy in the ovens of electricity by 32% and switch cleaning chemical cleaning self, all the refrigerators contain technical anti-bacterial which keeps the food of corruption and prevent odors in the refrigerator, techniques of anti-bacterial and Filters vitamins C, and technical Alleonaiser and the wings of gold in air conditioners, decrease the percentage of noise in All devices manufactured for up to less than 40 dB, manufacturing ovens consume less than half the usual time of cooking stoves.

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